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Skand iMoving is an electronic moped that folds down quickly and conveniently to the size of a piece of luggage. iMoving facilitates an active lifestyle on journeys taken by car or boat, on public transport, and while traveling by air. It is also the perfect aid for apartment building residents. You no longer have to worry about storing or charging your mobility aid, as iMoving fits into any elevator and can be stored in a closet, for example.

iMoving is extremely easy to use. Just switch the device on and select your direction of travel and maximum speed. The stepless speed control is operated with the thumb. At the lowest setting, you can easily crawl forward in a crowd, while the top speed allows you to travel quickly down the beach boulevard on holiday, for example. Braking is as easy as on a bicycle.

iMoving can be used almost anywhere where walking is allowed. Almost all stores and shopping centers permit the use of iMoving on their premises. iMoving’s ground clearance is sufficient for going over small obstacles and for riding on the lawn. The powerful motor helps you climb hills.

Note! For climbing steeper hills and riding on rougher road surfaces we recommend choosing one of our larger models.

iMoving Plus can be split into two pieces where necessary, thus allowing for even easier transport; the two-piece construction makes the device easier to lift into the trunk of a car or bus, which reduces the risk of damage during transport. Most airlines allow you to bring your iMoving, battery included, on board as hand luggage or in the hold. Often you can even ride your iMoving up to the gate, where the airline staff will arrange for it to brought on board.


Smooth take offs and safe travel regardless of engine power.


The colors are inspired by the latest, high-end automotive designs.


Powerful engine ensures carefree movement and saves battery life.

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Dimensions ready for use118 x 98 x 55 cm
Dimensions collapsed72 x 42 x 36 cm
Weight without battery29 kg (Plus model splits in two parts)
Battery weight3kg
BrakesBrake handle
ThrottleFinger throttle
Operating range10–40 km, depending on use
Tires8″ on the front, 9″ on the back, solid-rubber tires
Folds down for transportIn 15–30 seconds
Top speed12 km/h
Number of electric motors1, at the front
Engine power250 W
Number of batteries1, LG technology
Battery capacity278 Wh, Plus model 422 Wh
Charging time4 hours
USB port5V, 2A, for charging or for an LED light
Max. operator weight120kg

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